Maundy Thursday

Come pray with us on Maundy Thursday, April 13th. Drop in anytime between 2-7 pm and pray in the silence with our chaplains in our chapel, 2900 S Bernard, 99203.

Though we won’t be washing any feet, we know that sitting with others in prayer is a deeply moving, renewing, and cleansing experience. Come experience the holy wonder of this Easter season!

Unity Spiritual Center-What do we do here?

Our Unity center houses many programs, groups, events, memorials & weddings, music recitals and classes. Our mission is about “Tranforming Lives and Helping People Make a Positive Difference in the World.” We rent space, partner with different for and non-profit businesses and individuals who share our values, and participate in community events to further our reach & transform lives.

Some groups that rent our space include Alcoholics Anonymous, A Course in Miracles, Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, Spokane Community Colleges & ACTII, Science of Spirituality, East Asian Cultural Association and Plum Tree School.

Most recent additions to our Unity Spiritual Center calendar are Tai Chi for those living with Parkinson’s Disease, an Indian music concert, and an Herbal Fair. We even trade space in our parking lot to food distributor Zaycon for quality meats that we use in our outreach efforts at Crosswalk, where we prepare monthly meals for homeless teens in the community. We also offer on-going classes on spiritual development, mindfulness, prayer and meditation.

We depend on the financial support of our congregants, a few part-time employees and the generosity of dozens of volunteers to keep our programs running and doors open. Our volunteers maintain our grounds and much of our facility & operations, provide youth education & care, and pray with people. Our co-ministers pray with those in need as well. However, our chaplains and ministers do not offer mental health counseling, elder or home care. Sometimes this is frustrating news for people to hear. Though there are churches that are committed to this type of service, Unity Spiritual Center does not have the resources to fund these programs at this time. West Central Episcopal Mission, and Shalom Ministries are two churches in Spokane who focus on outreach and community service. Lutheran Community Services is also an invaluable community resource.

We love being a part of this community and helping to transform lives in their growing spiritual needs. We hope you connect with us at our Sunday services at 9 & 11 am, with childcare at 9 and youth ed program at 11.


Why Am I Here? asks SpiritGroups Program Lead, Tara Wear

Why am I here – what’s my purpose on the planet – in this community – in this job as SpiritGroups Program Leader?

To experience and express Love.


Commune with my Spirit…I experience and express Love.  Connect with you and your Spirit. I experience and express Love. Have compassion for myself and for you. I experience and express Love. Serve you and our community. I experience and express Love. Challenge myself and you to expand. I experience and express Love.

Our mission here is to transform lives (starting with mine – be the change I seek) and make a positive difference in the world. How? 

One Love. Many ways this is expressed. One is through SpiritGroups. My life’s journey has led me to this moment, right here, right now. As a part of that journey, SpiritGroups showed up for me. Our community’s journey in SpiritGroups began last year. The McClure’s graciously hosted nine of us in their home for the pilot group, which launched in January and the first series kicked off in April. Since then, we’ve had three series, 25 groups, 33 hosts, 209 participants. Our third series kicked off at the end of last month and wraps at the end of next month.

Those numbers tell a story, but I’m also called to tell you about these people and how their lives have changed…

  • a woman who challenges herself to meditate four times a week and how she receives compassion and learns to give herself compassion for whatever she was able to do or not do that week.
  • a man who is learning to laugh again, to allow the Spirit of Joy to move in him and be expressed
  • a woman, surrounded by love and compassion, when her husband passes away unexpectedly
  • a newborn being held by her new Dad on National Adoption Day (witnessed by SpiritGroup volunteers)
  • the women in a Spokane shelter receiving food on Thanksgiving provided by and from a SpiritGroup
  • me, a person living her purpose, providing opportunities through SpiritGroups for you to connect to yourselves, to each other, to Love/God/Spirit
  • And many more of us are out there! I am filled with gratitude for my community (you all), for being on this journey with me and for your generous support of this amazing work.



Sacred Rubble Rummage Sale is Coming!

We start accepting donations this Saturday, March 4th, for our annual rummage sale. Sacred Rubble is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it brings thousands of people from the community to our amazing center. You know you’ve got too much of something, so take a look and your stuff and donate some of it to us!

Also if you are able to help, we need people to assist with sorting and pricing. Save these dates…

Saturdays from 11-2

Sundays from 12-2

Tuesdays from 3-6

Here’s what we are looking forward to…

Please Welcome

Please welcome our two newest employees: Linda Tweedy (L) and Rebecca Ker (R)



Linda is our accountant and bookstore manager and was most recently employed at KAYU-TV. She will be in the office M-W and also on Sunday.

Rebecca is our administrator and was most recently employed at The Bar Method. Rebecca will be in the office W-TH and also on Sunday.

Both women are long-time Unity friends, and we’re thrilled they decided to join our staff! Together, they are helping us streamline our processes & policies and making beautiful changes to our bookstore and center.


LOVE this Sunday and celebrate Valentine’s Day early with Us

From Pema Chodron’s thoughts, which she had after reading The Training of the Boddhisatva, composed in the 8th century by Shantideva…

If these long-lived, ancient patterns of mind, closed-heartedness, which are the well-spring only of unceasing woe,

If these patterns of hard-heartedness can find their way, which only lead to my own suffering, as well as the suffering of others,

If they can find their nodules safe within my heart, how can peace and joy ever be found?”

Rev. Jane speaks about LOVE this Sunday, one of Unity’s twelve powers. Such a powerful emotion. Such a complicated feeling to maintain in uncertain times, challenging times. If we spend any length of time on social media, or consuming any media at all right now, it’s easy to feel outrage. Yet, feeling outrage at the world and other people’s actions (by acting it out with our words, actions, minds) just strengthens our own anger. As long as we’re feeding it, anger won’t ever go away. There’s no peace for love in that cycle.

Practice love, courage, open-heartedness and compassion for ALL this Valentine’s Day. Practice being the operative word, because you’ll probably be left with a feeling of uneasiness, anxiety, discomfort even. And those are not pleasant feelings to handle. But that is what’s left when you don’t harden your habits and when you resist them.

Stay with the soft-spot, sit with the unease. Then take a personal vow today–make it clear in your own mind–to keep an open heart and mind. Spread love.


Simple Living

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of minimalism lately. And I’m not alone. Our popular culture is talking about it too…

  • Tiny Houses are a movement, not just a fringe concept any more. Sometimes mobile, but definitely 500 sq ft or less, these houses are loved by folks of all ages for their simplicity. Like my friend Drew Meuer says, “Small house, big life.” In fact, a small space improves living by encouraging people to be outdoors, in the community, and in communal spaces more often.
  • Project 333, or the Capsule Wardrobe, has been around since 2010. It encourages people to wear only 33 items for 3 months so they can experience the increased freedom and head space (as well as closet space!). Creativity increases and frustration decreases.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has been on the national bestseller list for over 60 weeks. The book includes tips on how to declutter and also stories about the impact that an organized home can have on mood and physical and mental health.
  • “I am enough” is a mantra, adopted mostly by women who are constantly juggling several roles, duties and expectations. Own this phrase. Own your life. And don’t feel bad about saying no. After all, you are enough just the way you are!

At our Unity center, several Sunday Talks have focused on “enoughness” and abundance. Gary and Jane both remind us that we are enough and not to ever feel less-than. We are perfect just the way we are, created in God’s divine image. The work we need to do is on releasing old, inaccurate beliefs about ourselves that were thrust upon us and that we adopted long before we could even think about and process them.

Recently, we’ve de-cluttered our staff room. The common space that the staff and others use for meetings, meals, accounting, and more. We’ve also been working for the past year on paring down our Governing Member List. In the past our list grew to over 800. Our list grew to such a number simply because we never removed anyone–not people that moved or stopped attending. Imagine if you never removed anything from your house how much stuff you’d have in your home! Now our Governing Member List is 140. Downsizing or just-right-sizing? 🙂

I’m curious to hear if you are doing anything to embrace your enoughness and to simplify your life? Leave a comment!

The Twelve Powers

Last Sunday, we heard from Rev. Jane on the power of faith, one of the 12 Powers, laid out by Unity’s co-found Charles Fillmore. Faith isn’t a strictly religious idea. We exercise faith, or blind belief, in all sorts of things–the chairs we sit in, the cars we drive, the computers we use. We might have faith in ideas too–the power of love, friendship, honesty. These ideas, like the concept of faith, are unseen by eye. However, we can see their ripples in people and in our world.

Explore more about faith and the other twelve powers at Unity worldwide, here.


2017 Board Nominees

Here are your board nominees for the year!


Click above to see their pics and read their bios. Then come prepared to vote at our Annual Meeting on Feb 12 at 1 pm!