Mind Movies from Dr. Gary

GaryProI am in the habit of walking my talk every evening. What I mean to say is that I take a daily walk through a scenic course of paved hiking trails in our neighborhood, talking out loud to myself into a digital tape recorder. I find it helpful to see what flows from within me when I “speak” to a specific topic or issue I plan to address in a subsequent Sunday talk.

I have never been able to write out my ideas in a coherent fashion nor deliver content based on thoughtful consideration via manuscript, outline or notes. And while I take time to prepare my talks, I never know what I am going to say ahead of time because I speak extemporaneously and note-free, what some might describe as “channeling.”

In recent weeks, I have experienced a new dimension of this routine (walking and talking out loud) that now includes conversations with my Higher Self. I am aware that I can access something in me that is not tethered to the limitations of my current habit of being. In other words, I am aware of another voice in my head that is not my ego, not my limiting self talk, and not my mind’s attempt to impress me with bold ideas or inspiration. I imagine that what I am now experiencing is similar to someone who has just discovered automatic writing. Some greater part of myself is trying to get through, trying to communicate from beyond my established structures of knowing.

One evening last week while walking and talking out loud, my Higher Self chimed in asking that I refer to IT, or rather us, as WE. In other words, when I would say out loud, “What should I talk about…?,” IT said to me: “Say it this way: What should WE talk about?”


Higher Self (HS): How do you want to FEEL?

Gary: What do you mean, how do you want to feel?

HS: How do you want to FEEL after you have finished our talk?

Gary: What does how I want to FEEL have to do with what WE are to talk about?

HS: Since you are talking about the mechanics of manifesting, how you want to FEEL is key. Most people are conditioned to FEEL in response to an outer condition or circumstance believing that HAVING creates the FEELING. Because outer conditions have the power to make you FEEL a certain way, it appears that how you feel is in response to something that’s happening. If you can be emotionally altered by what you are HAVING instead of choosing how you wish to FEEL in spite of what’s going on, what gets manifested is an extension of the unconscious, conditioned aspect of yourself. You are simply rehearsing your past and how you feel is a reflex to what is going on.

Gary: So, by choosing how I wish to FEEL, I can affect what I am having as my life experience?

HS: Yes, by focusing on how you wish to FEEL, you bring an emotional coherence to “how you are being with what you are having”. In other words, you must first FEEL your more than enoughness before you can HAVE the outer experience of abundance, rather than wait for some outer increase before feeling prosperous. You must first FEEL worthy before you can have the outer experience that evokes well-being. You must first FEEL capable before you can have the experience of measuring up.

Gary: So, I must create and sustain an elevated emotion or feeling associated with whatever I wish to manifest in my life, FIRST, and then be on the lookout for it to happen in the outer?

HS: Not exactly, but you are getting there. Your job is to convince your brain that the desired future is happening already. Then, without looking for how or when it can happen, live each moment as if it has already come to pass. Take steps as necessary to give expression to what “wants to happen” given the emotional state you have manifested. Take authentic action that moves you toward your desired good, but don’t be on the lookout for anything as “evidence” that something is working or not. Just focus on sustaining the FEELING associated with whatever you wish to manifest.


I share this conversation as a revelation of sorts as it helps me understand why a Mind Movie visualization tool is so effective in helping to sustain elevated emotions. Part of the Mind Movie process is selecting a song that can evoke strong positive feelings. Music has the power to transport us to another time.
While these selections may invoke thoughts and feelings from our past, the neural mechanism for this phenomenon works the same as a triggering moment. We may reminisce and become conscious of a specific time, place, and circumstance when listening to oldies, we can easily see how our mood or state changes when nostalgia sets in. We readily see how our feelings encapsulate certain mental states or memories or beliefs. When we are triggered and strong uncomfortable feelings arise, we are not as resourceful when it comes to connecting these “neural dots” to our sense of not enough (or other limiting beliefs). Nor are we aware of how or when we took on these beliefs, so we are left with sourcing our discomfort in outer experiences. (The Q Process™ makes conscious the shadow beliefs underlying the triggering moment.)

Now, consider what might happen if we were to listen to a song that could emotionally transport us to the future. New neural pathways would wire together to form the circuitry for new experiences, new perceptions, and new meaning-making, the substance of a new state of being. Next, imagine sustaining these positive feelings by linking them to images, affirmations, and subliminal messages that together comprise a coherent representation of one’s more than enoughness as imaged in the context of fulfilling one’s passion and purpose. This gives you a sense of the transformative power of the Mind Movie visualization tool.

See more from Dr. Gary on his blog:


Help Us Stock the Crosswalk Pantry



Founded in 1985, Crosswalk is an emergency shelter, a school drop-out prevention program, and a group of lifesaving and life-changing programs dedicated to breaking the cycle of youth homelessness. In an average year, Crosswalk serves more than 1,000 youth. Emergency shelter is available 365 days a year and all services are free and voluntary.

Most Crosswalk kids (ages 13-17) have complicated personal histories that include:

  • family conflict
  • lack of education
  • substance abuse
  • mental health issues
  • high risk for depression and suicide
  • sexual abuse or rape
  • parental substance abuse


Crosswalk restores hope and encourages personal responsibility among homeless youth, including those who eventually return to their families, by providing:

  • family reconciliation services
  • clothing, showers and personal hygiene products
  • employment-readiness program and job-placement assistance
  • independent living training including life-skills and self-sufficiency classes
  • attachment and bonding classes for young mothers
  • medical and mental-health care
  • school drop-out prevention program
  • substance-abuse treatment and prevention
  • tutoring and enrichment activities
  • college scholarship opportunities (donor funded)
  • transportation
  • access to our transitional housing programs

Our spiritual center has been providing one delicious and nutritious meal a month to homeless teens at Crosswalk for 30 years. Last year we expanded our ministry to this organization by collecting non-perishable food items to stock their pantry since meals are not provided for the youth 100% of the time.

We are also collecting tube sox for the teens. We are gratefully accepting your donation through OCTOBER 19.

Billboard on Bernard is Coming!


Don’t miss this spirited musical revue, featuring our multi-talented Unity Choir! Bring your friends and family and sing along with your favorite songs from the 50’s through today!

Tickets are $20/each or $75/5 — call today: 838-6518

Proceeds benefit our spiritual center

Summer 2016 Generosity and Outreach


Unity Spiritual Center (USC) is about transforming lives and helping people to make a difference in their world. USC is both a spiritual community and an organization that is entirely supported by the generosity of our members and friends. We rely upon your financial support to manage the needs and commitments of our ministry.

We had an active summer with lots happening! Classes continued throughout the summer. The Art & Practice class in August included three YOUers, and David’s class, “Who Have You Come Here To Be?” included 31 participants. We received 14 new community members into the congregation. The parking lot was repaved thanks to a generous anonymous donation.

Our revenue YTD at the end of July was $166,723.07. Operating expenses were $187,418.05, leaving a net loss of $20,694.98 year to date 2016. We are so blessed by the tithes and love-offerings that sustain us. We would invite those with the means to help us make up the shortfall. See Terri or Dr. Gary for further information.

Unity in the Community occurred August 20 at Riverfront Park, the largest multicultural celebration in the northwest. It was a chance for us to share our much needed message with our community, and it involved lots of children (and some adults), a sunny day, a game with prizes for all, and a group of wonderful Unity spokespeople. In addition to sharing our message, Rev. Jane did some networking that will open the door to more community support possibilities. These community events excite us to be a part of. Pat White and Gail Hammer loaned a much needed shade tent and many hands participated in our prep day. Many people blessed us with your their presence at Unity in the Community, and they are all amazing!



Unity Picnic

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? I don’t know! Click on the pic below to get a feel for our most recent picnic and how our spiritual center celebrates life. Thanks to the Ryburn family, Wayne Green and the Bissons for buying food, and all the wonderful people who helped prep, set up, clean up and brought tasty dishes to share!

File Sep 12, 9 47 34 AM

Sign Up for Your 2016 Fall SpiritGroup!

School has started so it’s officially fall right? Well that and SpiritGroups are about to meet, so that’s another sign that it’s fall. To register with your SpiritGroup, follow the instructions below…

Option A:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Find a group” across the top (This takes you to a search page.)
  3. Enter your zip code


  1. Under “Campus”, click on the arrows to the right of “—any—“ (drop-down menu) and highlight “WA, Spokane: Unity Spiritual Center” (This will give you the list of the available groups.)
  2. Click on “Search” (the blue button) (This shows you the groups and their details.)
  3. Find a group you would like to join.
  4. Click on the group name (blue).
  5. See right-hand side “Interested in the group?” and see “Have an account?” Either “Login” or “Create one” (an account).
  6. If you “Login”, once you login, choose “Find A Group”. Reenter your zip code and campus (WA, Spokane: Unity Spiritual Center.” Click “Search”
  7. If you create an account, it will lead you through the process. Then click on a group and send an email if interested.


Option B:

SpiritGroups link to your campus:

Find a SpiritGroup at Unity Spiritual Center

Ministers’ Message for this Fall

This time of year can bring forth the urge to sharpen pencils and buy brand new notebooks. That back-to-school feeling, whether for young studentsJaneGary_1lo or adult learners, signals the return to the routines that make our lives more predictable and manageable, but also awakens an exciting impulse to make a fresh start.

We can bring that joy and excitement into the transformative programs and activities planned at Unity Spiritual Center.

While we may be returning to a more structured schedule, we also recognize the importance of our return to deepening our spiritual understanding and practice that moves us beyond our yesterday selves. In many respects, this means looking at ways of “breaking the habits” of being, that keep us entangled in the stresses of life and the concerns of the world.

In the next few months, we will begin a new emphasis on exploring the science and spirituality of manifesting our vision in life. Simply put, our goal is for everyone in our spiritual community to learn how to create a greater good that translates into a more happy, healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling life. Since we are already masters at creating our own personal reality through our thoughts, beliefs and ways of being, we need to move from unconsciously replicating our past (old mind stuff) to consciously creating a new future that gets us to the next level (conditioning ourselves to a greater mind). To effect this shift, we will introduce powerful tools that are aligned with the lastest principles from quantum science, brain research, and spiritual laws that will make clear the nuts and bolts of creating the life we are meant to live.

When we can become very coherent with respect to some desired future and sustain elevated feelings as if the future is happening right now, we welcome it in as we upload our heart’s desire to the quantum field. Then the effort is to routinely focus on the images, feelings, and sensations of this desired future to such an extent that we authentically feel gratitude for what is making its way into our life.

What do you want to create in your life? The formula for success is conceive, believe, achieve. What our minds can conceive and our hearts can believe, we can manifest in our lives. This involves visualizing what we want to see happen and then getting into the feeling behind it. How will you feel when you have reached that goal? Get into the feeling before you see it fulfilled. The tools we will be sharing are designed to help us create the vision and elevate the feelings in order to co-create the life that we are longing to express.

Ready to sharpen your metaphysical pencils?

Blessings, Gary and Jane


Board Report: Core Values and Raising the Bar

If you have been attending Unity Spiritual Center since Revs. Drs. Jane and Gary Simmons became our co-ministers in April 2015, then you have charlieheard the phrase, “raising the bar here at Unity” many, many times. You’ve also heard Dr. Gary share numerous times during his Center Update that the Board of Trustees has also been working on raising our bar so that we can be in integrity and be held accountable by the congregation. Over the past 18 months, I believe your Board of Trustees has transformed, and I want to share a couple of those transformations with you.

It begins with Core Values.  At our board retreat in May 2015, we focused on developing core values that we want to live by and demonstrate. We steadily worked on our core values list over the next 6 months and here are those cores values that your board is committed to demonstrating to you and ourselves:

Integrity – we are in a state of wholeness, undivided; congruent and consistent as we do what we say we will do, honest as we show up, and it feels good.

Commitment – with intention, we are bound to our mission and follow through

Emotional maturity – we identify, own and manage our feelings while responding, rather than reacting, to others and situations

Spiritual maturity – we identify, are in touch with and aim to consistently act from our True Self (the Inner Guide, Divine Wisdom)

Accountability: We walk our talk by counting on each other, accepting responsibility to do what we say we will do and freely share our progress without excuses or blaming.

Fiscal Responsibility: Being Spirit-led (as Source) we come from gratitude and act in the highest and best regard for financial health and integrity of USC. We recognize money is one of many Divine tools we use wisely to transform lives.

Another area of transformation that we continuously work on is who we’ve come here to be. At every board meeting right after our opening prayer, we go around the table and do a check in. The check in consists of sharing what is on our Q-card. We ask for compassion when we’re being on and/or in our shadow qualities. Then we share who we’ve come here to be such as compassionate, loving, healthy or more than enough. Then we share what’s going on with us individually, whether it be exciting news or asking for support because of dealing with a difficulty. By doing a check in at every meeting, it allows us to become present thus being able to do our work as trustees.  Plus, I firmly believe it helps us connect with one another.

I can whole-heartedly say that your Board of Trustees is committed to raising the bar here at Unity Spiritual Center. We believe that transforming Unity Spiritual Center begins with us. We are ready and willing to do the work we need to do as Unity Spiritual Center moves towards the next level. We are excited and inspired, and we want to extend an invitation out to you to join us!

With Love & Blessings,

Charlie Ker, President Board of trustees


Karl Anthony in Concert, August 26 at 7 pm

Karl Anthony is a musician whose career has spanned more than three decades and taken him all over the globe, and he’ll be performing at our center, August 26th at 7 pm! His performances feature a synthesis of eastern and western musical styles, such as the infusion of kirtan call-and-response chants, These are mixed in with a little acoustic rock and Karl’s amazing story telling.


Rady’s Children’s Hospital is where Karl Anthony sings when he is not on the road touring. He became part of the hospital’s Healing Arts Department where he and other artists work closely with hospital staff to facilitate the very best supportive conditions for whole and proper healing.

A child once told Anthony that receiving chemotherapy was like having an earthquake inside him with the ground shaking from within. Deeply moved by the boy’s response, Anthony asked, “What do you do when the ground is shaking?” The boy’s reply was, “Hold the sky.” Anthony smiled and said to the boy, “Let’s write a song about that.”

He knew there was a powerful song in this young boy’s experience, and his new album, entitled “Hold the Sky,” debuting this month, features this title song.

Anthony has received several Gandhi/King Season For Nonviolence Peace Hero Awards for his humanitarian efforts and innovative music. Karl Anthony is a producer, songwriter and singer but more than that he is a facilitator of authentic connection with music.