The Twelve Powers

Last Sunday, we heard from Rev. Jane on the power of faith, one of the 12 Powers, laid out by Unity’s co-found Charles Fillmore. Faith isn’t a strictly religious idea. We exercise faith, or blind belief, in all sorts of things–the chairs we sit in, the cars we drive, the computers we use. We might have faith in ideas too–the power of love, friendship, honesty. These ideas, like the concept of faith, are unseen by eye. However, we can see their ripples in people and in our world.

Explore more about faith and the other twelve powers at Unity worldwide, here.


2017 Board Nominees

Here are your board nominees for the year!


Click above to see their pics and read their bios. Then come prepared to vote at our Annual Meeting on Feb 12 at 1 pm!


How to Request Joining a SpiritGroup




REVIEW:        See the groups that still have space and their details

FIND:              Based on the details, find a group that suits your needs.

CLICK ON:     The name of the group in blue to see more details about the group.

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Groups Forming (by day)

Mondays:  David & Donna McClure * 530-7pm * South Hill * All welcome * “Your Twelve Powers”  FULL

Tuesdays: David Leinweber * 630-830pm * All welcome * West Spokane Valley

Tuesdays:  Al Konigsfeld * 7-9pm * All welcome * South Hill * All welcome * “Your Twelve Powers”

Wednesdays: Tara Wear * 10am-12pm * South Hill * Women/Moms * “Sunday Message”

Wednesdays: Analisa Azzopardi * Time TBD * All welcome * South Hill * “Comedy, Laughter & Yoga”

Thursdays: Wayne Green * 630-830pm * East Spokane Valley * “Sunday Message”

Fridays:  Karen D/Tara W * 1030am-12pm * South Hill * Walkers/Hikers * “Sunday Message”  FULL

Fridays:  Susanne Croft * 530pm * South Hill * Earth-based Spirituality   FULL


Series Dates (by week)


January 22   Kickoff week

January 29   Intro to content

February 5   Content Week 1

February 12 Content Week 2

February 19 Content Week 3

February 26 Content Week 4

March 5         Content Week 5

March 12      Small Group’s Service Week

March 19      Small Group’s Social Week

March 26      Celebration Luncheon (Entire Community)

A Word This Winter from Youth & Family Minister, Jackie Green

Our UniKids, UniFriends and Uniteens have been playing Compassion “Giving Games”  Survival of the Kindest. They are striving together to make our planet a better place to live through community service and acts of kindness. The youth staff is providing fun and creative ways to ignite and catalyze compassionate action. Their activities will extend into the new year. They created a Caring Tree on a Compassion Wall for all ages at Unity to decorate with stars noting acts of kindness.  A Parent Compassion Day (to give parents a break during this busy season AND build community amongst our kids) is being sponsored Saturday, Dec 3rd with 4 hours of free childcare and a children’s program for infants through 11 years of age. Older kids are helping staff to facilitate crafts, games, snacks and more. The youth decorated their family kindness jars to hold slips of paper recording acts of kindness they have given and received as well as those they have seen.


Also, our youth will be gathering supplies for Refugee Baskets Dec 11 – Jan 8. These baskets will contain items that families can use when they arrive and get set up in their new environments. The kids have chosen to create baskets for the bedroom and the kitchen. Some items can be used, in good condition, and some must be new. You can help “Share the Love and Welcome the Stranger” by helping the kids put together medium-sized laundry baskets for refugees in need.  The game is to experience the joy of giving with compassion.


Regional Events

NGU event on January 8th at 1:30 at the North Spokane Unity.  Anyone 18-35 is welcome to attend.  This will be a Y.O.U. reunion for many.  We will have lots of conversation and snacks to get everyone reconnected.  Contact Kelley  208-597-1384 for more info about this event.


Contact Rev. Jackie, or call 838-6518 for more info on our youth education programs and camps.


It’s Time to Renew!

Under our most recent amended bylaws, governing members must renew, every  year, to keep their governing member status. A governing member is someone who has voting rights and is able to vote on bylaws changes, at our annual meeting, and on issues governing our ministry and center.

Follow the link & complete the form, and you will be good to go! Please note, by completing the renewal form, you are agreeing to…

1) Deepen you spiritual practice via participation in classes, SpiritGroups , workshops, Q Process, and Sunday worship

2) Participate in meaningful volunteer service

3) Give in integrity with my capacity to financially support the overall operations of Unity Spiritual Center

Thank You! From our Board President, Charlie Ker

charlieThank You!  Thank you so very much and from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve on your board for the last six years. You see, I am completing my 2nd straight term and 6th straight year overall as a board member and that means my time on the board will come to an end in February. And WOW, what a journey it has been for me personally. So in my final Discoveries article as both President and a member, I’d love to share with you what I experienced during my time on the board.

During my time, I had the pleasure of serving alongside four ministers: two years with Clare Austen, two years with David McClure and the last two years with Gary & Jane Simmons. I had the opportunity of being a part of two major transitions from Clare to David and David to Gary and Jane. I had the opportunity to take part in a ministerial search as well as changing our name to Unity Spiritual Center. My roles included being Treasurer, Historian, Vice President and President. I’ve experienced connections, challenges, self-development, trust, transformation, safety, companionship, fear of not enough, disappointment, fun, enthusiasm, empowerment, stress, excitement, joy. The list is endless! I’ve personally grown as my own spiritual journey has been enhanced while being a member of the board.  I’ve made friends. I’ve learned the business side of Unity Spiritual Center. I’ve experienced declining membership and revenues. I’ve learned how to be more grateful. I developed my own core values as well as struggled with my own sense of not enough. I received tons of support, especially from my wife Rebecca – thank you sweetheart. I have been part of this great transformation that is happening now at Unity Spiritual Center. I have had the honor of deepening my friendship with Dr. Gary over our many Saturday morning get-togethers. But the one thing that I cherish the most and will always carry with me is that sense of fulfillment I have in my heart for serving Unity Spiritual Center and giving my best and always showing up. I remember the call I received from Jeff Hunter six years ago asking me if I would consider serving on the Board of Trustees. After praying about it, I called him back and said YES, and I am so grateful I did. Being a trustee is an experience that I can always look back on and know that I did my best and gave my all. I have been very blessed to serve here at Unity Spiritual Center. So again, I thank you for allowing me to gain this life experience. I will always treasure it.

With Love & Blessings,  Charlie Ker, Board President


Your Winter Discoveries Newsletter

Here it is (link below)! Enjoy your winter weather and your winter newsletter!





Winter Blessings from our Ministers

JaneGary_1loYou don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to see that winter is coming. The signs are everywhere – leaves blanketing the earth, temperatures plunging, a hint of snow in the air and nature preparing to enter its time of dormancy. Tucked away in these days of increased darkness, is the light-filled holiday season. What better time to share the warmth of the heart?


From the joys of gift giving with loved ones at Christmas to extending kindness at Valentine’s Day – opportunities abound to be love in action during this holiday season. It is an exciting, magical time of the year.


But it is not just about the outer expression of love – equally important is to do the inner healing work of self-compassion and releasing of old beliefs and past hurts in order to move into a greater awareness of who we really are.   Carl Jung tells a story about a Taoist master, who was asked by some villagers if he could help bring rain during a time of great drought. He moved into a small hut in the community and spent three days quietly tending the garden that was there. On the fourth day, it began to rain and he was asked how he had achieved the miracle. The master explained that he was not responsible for the appearance of rain. Each day, as he tended the garden, he had let go of any disharmony that he found within himself and when he had achieved balance, the rain came naturally.


And that’s the work. That is what the spiritual path is really about. It may not be easy but the results can be extraordinary. As Teilhard de Chardin reminds us, “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time, [humanity] will have discovered fire.”


Never underestimate the power of the heart to make change no matter what the outer appearance may be telling you. The dormancy of winter gives the appearance that all growth is suspended and yet underground, behind the scenes there is much going on in preparation for spring’s new growth. In the same way, doing the inner work under the surface – feeling gratitude, radiating love, sharing kindness, releasing judgment and limiting beliefs – is leading to growth and transformation. Wholehearted living is the key to the transformational journey.


Blessings, Gary and Jane


14 Questions to Improve Your Outlook


Join Silent Unity on a powerful journey. Beginning today and spanning two weeks, Silent Unity, where many go for prayer support, is posing 14 questions to help you process difficult times. Questions that may help you shift your energy and your outlook, in order to make it through another difficult day. Questions that prompt us take pause and reflect. As stated on their website…

Life doesn’t always go as planned. When the outcome isn’t what you expected, you may experience a sense of grief, anger, fear, or loss. Over the next two weeks, Silent Unity will present a question each day to help transform these thoughts into a more positive outlook. As we begin our journey, please join us in affirming: Today I choose a fresh perspective. I see possibility instead of limitation. I see hope instead of despair. I choose thoughts that build a better world.