A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a movie worth? A million?

Our Unity Spiritual Center movie captures our energy here and our people. We hope it gives you a sense of who we are. Let us know what you think, and what else we could post to give you a peek at our spiritual community.

Why Volunteer?

Why do you volunteer? Or why would you want to volunteer here at Unity Spiritual Center? Here’s what Gary Lock, who organized our Sacred Rubble rummage sale this year, has to say…

Your time, treasure, and talents are so appreciated. Please contact us if you’d like to help–a great way to make friends and meet new people!

How Do We Share Our Stories?

At Unity, you’ve probably heard us talk about the importance of stories. Sometimes we emphasize stories and their influence, especially when we play them over and over in our head, creating the narrative that we live by.

Youth 2014

We have stories to tell about Center, our Unity beliefs, and who we’ve come here to be.  At Unity Spiritual Center Spokane you’ll find us telling our stories on Sunday mornings during our 9 & 11 am services, in our Sanctuary, and in our Youth Ministry. You can read our stories on our blog, and you can connect with our people and their stories on our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’re finding new tools every day to connect with you and share. Today, I found Magisto, a fun movie-making app.

Here’s a short video I made, showing places around our center and the people you might meet here.

Communication is a two way street, and we welcome you to ask questions and leave comments for us via our blog and our social media sites. We’d love to hear from you!

Discoveries Newsletter

SpiritualCtr-Spokane-blue copy300wDid you know that our Discoveries newsletter continues being published? True! We publish this newsletter quarterly now, and we focus on Gratitudes and Celebrations–looking back at the past season, counting our blessings, reporting on upcoming events, and blessing our ministry and those who participate and lead us.

We include articles from our co-ministers and youth and family minister, board president, our Foundation, bookstore and include an abundance update. We also publish articles featuring key volunteers and people who are new to Unity.

We hope you enjoy reading this publication as much as we enjoy putting it together. Read it here: Spring2015, or find it in print at our center! Or click here to be taken to an online form so you can receive an electronic version every quarter.

Summer Discoveries is coming soon…

Spiritual Social Action, meeting Sunday, May 31st


Interested in Spiritually Motivated Social Action & Compassionate Outreach? What types of outreach are we already doing as a spiritual community? What more can we do? Where do we go from here?

Join Rev. Jane SUNDAY, MAY 31ST after the second service for an exploration & planning session.


Unity Summer Camps


“We hug (lots) at Unity camp for three full breaths and I am a slow breather! The heart has no choice but to eventually open when that one person shows up and seems to hold the key.

Often ageless and faceless. There is no judgement, no expectation…just unconditional love and total acceptance. Who knew that after so many years in the leadership field focusing on growth, human potential and spiritual awareness that a youth camp would hold the key for me!  I am continually amazed at how life unfolds.”  Cindy Sheppard, Northwest Youth of Unity (YOU) 2015 Rally attendee

Cindy knows what it’s like to experience a Unity camp. For her and many others, it is a life-affirming, spiritual experience. That is why we continue to offer these events to kids and their families and even provide scholarships to those in need.

As you look ahead and plan your summer, keep these dates in mind, and connect with us if you or your grand/kids would like to attend:

June 21-24–Love to Live, Live to Love Kids Camp 2015 (for ages 7-11) at Camp Waskowitz, North Bend, WA.

June 21-26–We Are the Journey 2015 Unitreat (for ages 11-14) at Cispus Center, Randle, WA.

July 13-17–Jungle Safari Kids Camp (for ages 5-12) here at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane. KidsCampregistrationform2015

July 20–Adventures in Peacemaking (for ages 6-12) at Unity Center of North Spokane.

August 20-23–Play IV Multi-Generational Camp (open for all families, couples & individuals) at Cispus Center, Randle, WA.

Call us for more information on these camps, how to register or the scholarship process: 509-838-6518.


A Journey of Self-Discovery

We have embarked upon a journey of self-discovery and awakened living as we continue to explore our yearly theme of Living with Nothing and No One Against Us. During the month of May, we begin a series called Be the Change, famous words attributed to Gandhi in relation to being a Change AJaneGaryProgent for what it is you want to see come forth in the world.Last week, we heard about the nature of conflict and how we can use whatever is presently showing up in our lives to help us awaken and develop our capacity to actualize our spiritual potential. This week, we continue the exploration as we consider the powerful question, “Who Have We Come Here to Be?” What is it we are here to express in this world? Which divine qualities and attributes are being called forth from within us? How can each of us make a difference in our world? Just who have we come here to be? Join us on the journey as we ponder these transformative questions and see how we truly can become the change we seek.

Blessings, Gary and Jane

Sacred Rubble 2015 was a Success!

Sacred Rubble 2015 was a financial and community-building success! Led by Gary Lock, this year’s rummage-sale extravaganza was so organized and fun. Gary began meeting and planning in January to get our facility, volunteers and the greater community ready for this event. We raised over $7,000, logged hundreds of volunteer hours, and welcomed nearly a thousand people to our spiritual center. Thank you for all your help and support–we couldn’t have done it without you!

Wow, Our Sacred Rubble Rummage Sale is Almost Here!

chairsWow, we can hardly believe that the big day is nearly here: Sacred Rubble 2015! We started planning this huge fundraising rummage sale at the beginning of the year with Gary Lock and several other key players. Luckily, previous year’s volunteers, like Patti Godwin, saved their files and organizing principles.

The biggest difference this year, has been the early layout. Today is Monday, and the chairs in the Sanctuary have been moved and even used to help display items. Usually, set up doesn’t begin until two days before the sale, but Gary had a vision to get started early. And we’re glad he did because it saves a lot of time. Why move things three or even four times when you can set it up directly?!

We hope you join us this Friday, April 24 from 9 am to 4 pm, and Saturday, April 25 from 9 am to 2 pm. The Baristas will be making specialty coffee drinks. Scratch-made baked good will be available. Treasures await you! All your donations have been greatly appreciated. Now come by and find some amazing itesm! All proceeds benefit our general fund. Divine love truly blesses all that we have, all that we give, and all that we receive!