The Art & Practice–A Tranformative Tool

Did you miss the Art & Practice? Not to worry! Dr. Gary is offering a one-day workshop on Saturday, Sept 12th from 9 am to 4 pm. The fee is $50 and lunch will be provided for $5, or feel free to bring your own lunch. Here’s Tara expressing what a transformative experience the Art & Practice was for her. We know you’ll be changed form this workshop as well!

Call 838-6518 to register.

UNITY, Changing Lives: Donna Bradford


You may have noticed Donna Bradford playing the piano at Unity, helping with our Unity Library or riding her bicycle to our spiritual center in the last year. Through her rides on public transit, which brought her past Unity on a regular basis, she first noticed our center and decided to come to a service in February of 2014. She says “the beauty of Tawni Wright’s piano prelude music captured her heart and Rev. David’s eloquence calmed and directed her spirit.” She sought fellowship with people connected in spiritual worship, and that is what she found at Unity. Donna’s life has evolved dramatically over the last two years, from homeless shelters to standing up tall on her own two feet, employed and living independently. Can you imagine the bravery that Donna tapped into to attend a service for the first time? Probably you can because you were once a guest and new as well. Donna was drawn to this “loving community of spiritually-centered people,” which has encouraged her “shy handshakes” to include “warm hugs.” Donna says she is grateful to Unity for the community, the fellowship, the music and the message. If you haven’t done so already, say hello and connect with Donna Bradford.


Board Report from Charlie Ker, Board President

If you have been attending Unity Spiritual Center since Revs. Drs. Jane and Gary Simmons became our co-ministers, then you have heard the phrase, “raising the bar here at Unity” many, many times. You’ve also heard Gary share many times during his Unity Spiritual Center Update that the Board of Trustees is also working on raising our bar so that we can be in integrity with the rest of the congregation. What does that mean? It means we are working on our own personal “not enough.” It means we are becoming more self-aware. It means we are taking a different sidewalk. It means we are working on our own personal transformation. As individuals, each board member is coming to terms with our own respective life patterns. The work we are doing individually and collectively is hard, but it is worth it.

Personally, I am really struggling with a sense of “not enough” – a life pattern of mine that has repeated itself throughout my life. I remember as teenager when all of my friends would go away on ski trips during spring break, and I didn’t have the resources to go. I always made up a story as to why I couldn’t go. Those stories were a coping mechanism and pattern I developed of  “having to do without” or not enough. And you know what? I still struggle with that thought today. Why does this life pattern continue to repeat itself in my life today? I know why: it’s because I haven’t learned how to be enough inside. And that’s why I believe so strongly that serving on the board right here and right now is where I am supposed to be. I am being provided tools on how move from not enough to more than enough. Through the Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No one against me, I am learning who I have come here to be. I am learning that my “not enough” is a shadow quality of lack, and that’s not who I am.  I am worthy, courageous and trustworthy. By taking a different sidewalk, I am not falling in that same hole.

The hard work I am personally doing, and the hard work each member of the board is doing, individually and collectively, is transforming lives. We are moving closer to who we’ve come here to be, and the board has come here to be the living example of raising the bar here at Unity Spiritual Center. We are committed, and I am committed to continuing the practice of being self-aware and to doing the hard work. I am ready to transform.  Your Board of Trustees is ready to transform. Unity Spiritual Center is ready to transform. Nothing and No One is against us!

With Love & Blessings, Charlie Ker

charlie small

President Board of Trustees


Seva Star: Mary Ladwig

Seva Star features stellar volunteers who provide sacred service, or Seva, to our Center. They are shining stars! This season, we are featuring Mary Ladwig. Mary is a retired Early Childhood Education and Assistance (ECEAP) teacher and parent visitor and has been serving our center in the Youth Ministry for over 35  years! She has worked for Unity Worldwide Ministries in developing curriculum, and most recently she developed the curriculum for this year’s Call to the Wild Kids Camp. Of this, she exclaims, “I have been loving this whole experience this year! I especially loved that all of you [volunteer staff] somehow captured my intention and wanted to make it as good as I did.  I have been so wowed to be working with so many teachers! I felt so supported!  My teaching experience was really isolated, and I would happily have worked in a grade or a building with any of you.  I was telling Rev. Jackie this morning how because of the respect that you gave this material, I have a greater respect for the intentions of the writers of so many other curriculums that we use in the Youth area.” As far as developing curriculum, Mary describes it as a co-creative process: “It’s like an intention is set and we stick with that intention but not how it has to look until it materializes.  We always say, if you want to learn Unity principles, come work with the kids.” Thank you Mary for enriching our community with your unconditional giving!

MaryCrop MaryL

The Art & Practice Begins This Wednesday, July 29th!

What would your life be like if you lived from a deep place of peace, knowing that nothing and no one is against you? Too often in life we believe that outer circumstances are holding us back or causing us pain. When we wait for others to change, or for outer circumstances to adjust, we give away our sense of wholeness and our very freedom to craft the life our heart desires. There is a better way.

During this interactive 6-week class, you will experience powerful exercises, multi-media presentations, and meaningful discussions to support you in creating the life you desire. As a part of this class, both of our ministers, Gary and Jane Simmons, will support you as you go through The Q-Process – a 21-day spiritual practice designed to shift your consciousness and your life!

GaryProPresented by Dr. Gary Simmons, the co-founder of The Q-Effect, LLC, and co-creator of The Q-Process-a transformative, self-directed inquiry process that helps identify and integrate limiting beliefs underlying negative life patterns and issues.

Begins this Wednesday, July 29th and continues every Wednesday at 6:30 pm through September 2nd. Pre-registration is required. Call 838-6518 to register. $25 due at the first class.


Another Great Kids Week

We are so grateful for all the support we received this week in co-creating another wonderful Kids Week! Many thanks to our snack guys Wayne and John; grandparent helpers, Elizabeth and Mary Theresa; Revs. Jackie and Jane; art helpers Jane, Diane, Dana; kid helpers Bob, Marlene and Reese, youth volunteers Aurelia, Charlotte and Tana, music helper Liza, yogi Sara; and curriculum developer Mary. You made this amazing week possible! Here are Reese and Diane sharing their experience…

See the highlights from this week of kid-centered, multi-generational fun!

The Joys of Summer

“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.” ~e.e. cummings

We are thankful for the beauty that surrounds us, that gives us inspiration and recharges our spirit. The beauty of the natural world is especially bountiful in the summer, and it’s no wonder that we’re drawn to the cool rivers and lakes, the refreshing mountain air.

We’re lucky enough to share family property in Ferry County. It’s 100 miles away. Far enough that we get to see dozens of beautiful birds and elusive forest critters like bluebirds, beaver, fishers and moose. After night fall, we hear coyotes and see bats. And the stars! It is hard to beat the sight of the mighty Milky Way!



Many of us in Spokane get away in the summer to embrace nature and we adjust to this summertime flow by holding only one Sunday service at 10 am. We hope to see you often this summer but we do understand the draw of our natural surroundings this time of year. And, why not? Because “If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand,” says the wise Buddha.

Contact Terri in the business office if you’d like to set up an automatic withdrawal or credit card payment for your tithes this summer: 509-838-6518.

Compassionate Outreach: Crosswalk Dinners


This is the Crosswalk crew. From left to right: Gary, Bob, Karen, Jane, Diane, Carol and Sophia. This crew cooked and served a nutritious, scratch-made meal to teens (13-17) that are being served by VOA’s Crosswalk. The teenagers seeking emergency shelter and educational assistance at Crosswalk face many life challenges, huge issues that complicate their lives. Some of the issues facing these young people are

  • family conflict
  • lack of education
  • substance abuse
  • mental health issues
  • high risk for depression and suicide
  • sexual abuse or rape
  • parental substance abuse

Unity has been providing one dinner a month at Crosswalk for over 25 years. This compassionate outreach was started by Harriet Jacobson, who experienced the pangs of hunger when she was young girl. Driven by her own experiences, Harriet was drawn to provide nourishing meals for kids, and she brought Unity together with Crosswalk to accomplish this mission.

Harriet began a Buck-A-Month club, that continues to this day, for our Unity congregants. Members donate money to the cause and food is purchased for yummy and delicious meals. Diane, pictured above, is Harriet’s daughter and she continues organizing this compassionate outreach in our community.

If you feel called to serve our Spokane community by helping with our Crosswalk dinners, send us a email and let us know. We serve on the 4th Friday of every month and would love to have you!


Welcome Contributing Blogger, JeNeal Brown


JeNeal is excited to begin contributing to our Unity Spiritual Center Spokane blog. When she returns to Spokane in a few weeks, she’ll be posting monthly as a parent trying to walk the talk and live our Unity values, especially as they relate to Rev. Jane’s and Dr. Gary’s messages and her family.

JeNeal Brown has lived in Spokane for nearly five years and has fallen in love with our area. She is married to a green-thumb farmer, Jordan, and they have three children, Alexsis – 8, Evalyn – 2, and Fenton – 1. When JeNeal and family moved to Spokane, she was “on the search to find a community church that fit with my beliefs.” After searching for a couple years, she came across Unity. JeNeal says that “walking through those front doors was all it took—the energy felt was so beautiful and so welcoming…I knew I had found a very special place, and I was filled with excitement and relief. I had found a place I could bring my family to help grow a foundation in our own spirituality.” JeNeal is currently working on her BA in Ministry as well as completing certification as a Metaphysical Practitioner with a focus of spiritual development through magic, meditation, and movement.  She has a strong desire to work with the youth and women of this community and “now feels ready for the journey that Unity holds for her,” and hopes to help with classes and workshops. JeNeal enthusiastically shares that she “can’t wait to meet and get to know the many beautiful souls of this congregation. I feel very blessed to be a part of Unity, and I love our new reverends and their vision for Unity.”

If you haven’t done so already, say hello and welcome JeNeal and her family!