Born Again

September 4, 2017


Listen to a soothing meditation with Rev. Jane and Dr. Gary's talk (begins at 5:30) about what it means to be born again.

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  1. John Gallagher Reply
    Thank you, Dr. Gary, It is both exciting and refreshing to hear your words regarding the teachings of Jesus. I have, for a long time, felt that the interpretation of his message has been lost in Christianity. One of the most basic teachings is "love God, Love your neighbor as yourself". Unfortunately, as you suggested, because of beliefs ingrained in us about our worthiness or lack there of the experience of true self-love is often lacking. Since retiring a year ago, I have had time to gather my thoughts about what I call conscious evolution. Perhaps it could be called the layman's version of a journey to enlightenment. I do some work with Amit Goswami, Ph.D. a quantum physicist and author who has a very keen interest in blending spirituality and science. It is a joy to see the parallel nature of your teaching, as it relates to Jesus and the work of Amit and myself. The world needs more teachers like you who can joyfully articulate the teachings of Jesus in a way that supports and enhances life and helps people begin to look at the beautiful nature of themselves and step into the journey to enlightenment. I am grateful to Jalinka Fountain for introducing me to your presentation and to Liza Mattana for responding to my request for a copy of your message and to you Dr. Gary for your clarity and effectiveness in sharing the message that I believe Jesus wanted us all to have. I look forward to your worldwide presentation online since I live in Western Washington and don't get to Spokane. In Gratitude, John Gallagher

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